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My wife and I came to Helen in 2012 when we wanted to buy our first house. The bay area housing market was booming at that time and we, as the first time home buyers, really didn't have experience in house bidding. We made 8 offers in 3 months before sealing a contract. During this process, Helen had always been patient with us, never pushed us to do anything quickly, and always answered our questions and phone calls in time. After we got our first house, we really liked working with her. Later in 2017, we bough our 2nd house with her again.

Helen is very professional, understands the south bay area real estate market in depth and can give honest and trustworthy opinions. During our house hunting, she always visited the open houses with us together, and at a time that fit our schedule. She understood our needs clearly and always tried to put her feet in our shoes and helped us decide when we were debating whether to make an offer or not.  As soon as we made up our mind, she would also try her best and work all the way to the end. She presented the offer personally with the seller agent on every house we bid. When she saw a chance of getting the house, she worked with us around the clock, figured out a bidding strategy, kept close contact with the seller agent, and was even willing to give up a portion of her agent fees in order to reach a deal. We have our complete trust on her and would recommend her to anyone who wants to land a house in the bay area.

By the way, Helen also works on refinancing, rental houses and we worked with her on those things as well. It was also a smooth process and I barely had to worry about anything. Any real estate needs, Helen is the person to go to!

Qishu & Ying, Saratoga -- happy home owner

We are so lucky to have Helen as our agent. There are many experienced agents in bay area, we've met several of them. But no one is like Helen, who is professional, knowledgeable, and most important to us, she is always honest and patient with her customers.

We've known Helen when we bought our first house in bay area about 8 years ago, when we had no experience and full of dumb questions. Helen has taught us a lot. The house we eventually bought was a bank-own one and Helen not only helped us go through all the special steps but also successfully negotiated and gained us ~20k in remodeling reimbursement from the bank.

When we planed to buy our second house in 2017, the bay area's buyers market was so crazy. Almost every house had 20-40 biddings at that time. Helen did not let us down and helped us find the desirable house with a reasonable bidding. Not the first time, we are impressed by her ability in precisely predicting the price, analyzing the pros & cons of the house, and negotiating with sellers in a dramatic changing market. In the middle of it, we almost lost patience and wanted to bid a house, when Helen calmly pointing out the defect of the house that we should think through, and saving us from blindly buying a house that we may regret it later.

Highly recommend Helen based on our pleasant experiences!

Marian L, Mountain View -- Happy Home Owner